Sahara Marathon 2017
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Sahara Marathon 2017

Sahara Marathon 2017, a cry against a too long injustice.


- Runners from all over the world will run together again in support of the Saharawi people; Create your own fundraising group and run the extra kilometer

While the world and its conflicts are constantly evolving, in the south-west of Algeria there remains a whole nation forgotten by the international community and, despite everything, hopeful to resolve one day that injustice of which it has been a victim for more than 40 years. The last generation of Sahrawis was born in the Algerian desert, in the inhospitable hamada, without knowing what lawfully and historically should be their land. Outside their country, in a chronically refugees camp they continue struggling for their cause hoping to see it recognized or resolved and, more importantly, never forgotten.

With this message of avoiding oblivion and persevering in the collective memory, the Sahara Marathon 2017 calls on runners from all over the world to come to the camps in Tindouf to join the Saharawi people, to contribute with their grain of sand, whit humanitarian aid and listening to local families in an unique solidarity experience in the world.


This is the seventeenth edition of this race of commitment with a social cause as popular and just as it is forgotten and for that reason from the associations of volunteers that promote the event a special appeal has been made so that this support does not decay and so that the passage of the years do not make anyone fall in dejection. In these 17 years thousands of runners of all the continents have visited the camps of Tindouf and they have lived that magical hospitality that the Saharawis reserve for their guests. A hospitality that shows the greatness of a people that in spite of their situation never loses the dignity nor the humanity.

In the last 17 years, prestigious runners such as Abel Antón, Martin Fiz, Rainer Predl and Marco Olmo have passed through the Sahara Marathon. Other popular figures such as the soccer player Iván Helguera and the cooks Paco Roncero, José Luis Estevan and Darío Barrio or the climber Juanito Oyarzabal, but above all have left their mark in the desert hundreds of amateur runners that from China, Australia, United States, Argentina, Sweden, South Africa or Canada have wanted to be part of a community involved with injustice.


For this new edition about 500 international runners are expected to take part alongside the Algerians and, of course, the Sahrawis (including the charismatic Amaidan Salah), in this hard marathon for the rocky and sandy desert that links the camps of El Aaiun and Smara.

It is a tough race, because of the temperatures and the terrain, but very bearable for the participants who only think of crossing the finish line as a sign of solidarity with the local refugees.

The solidarity experience lasts a week, in which the participants coexist in the jaimas of the local families and learn from their experiences and traditions. Also the whole group participates in humanitarian activities and projects that are developed with sport as a link of support and solidarity. Children's races, physical works to rebuild facilities, delivery of sports equipment and medicines are some of the activities that runners carry out during this week of celebration and hope for Sahrawi children and young people. The organization contributes all the funds raised to cover the expenses generated by the runners and also to develop different sports projects in collaboration with the Saharawi Ministry of Youth and Sport. In addition, many of the travelers launch a particular solidarity project, generating a whole network of support and help to those most in need.

In addition this year will be the first one to be celebrated the Sahara Marathon in the absence of Mohamed Abdelaziz, former president of the Sahrawi Republic and promoter of this race from its beginnings. That is why the organization, tributing to the recently disappeared, will put his name in a series of sports promotion contests and local youth initiatives.

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