Peking to Paris for IMPACT
Impact Norway is behind this project

Peking to Paris for IMPACT

From June 12th to July 17th 2016 Bjørn Schage and Trond Brathen will drive from Peking to Paris a 1964 Morgan in support for IMPACT. The route drives through the most adventurous region of China, Mongolia, Russia, Republic of Belarus, and the Alps. Show your support by donating to IMPACT.

Read more about the Peking to Paris Motor Challenge here.


IMPACT is a non-profit foundation which brings mobile hospitals and operating theatres out to poor people living in rural, hard-to-access areas. With programs across 11 countries of Asia and Africa, IMPACT's mission is both to improve community health and prevent and treat needless disability, thus alleviating poverty.

‘IMPACT brings the hospital to the people’

Limited medical facilities in rural areas, long distances to hospitals and lack of money to pay for healthcare means that most people in outlying villages are unlikely ever to receive the treatment they need leaving them unnecessarily disabled and trapped in hardship for life.

IMPACT’s solution is to ‘take the hospital to the people’ in innovative ways tailored to local conditions, to provide quality medical services in remote areas. Examples of projects are Lifeline Express - IMPACT's hospital train in India, Jibon Tari - IMPACTs floating hospital in Bangladesh, and The Lake Clinic in Cambodia.

IMPACT's vision

IMPACT's vision is of a world free from needless disability. We believe that no one should become or remain needlessly disabled through disease, lack of knowledge or shortage of medical services.

Read more about IMPACT here.

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