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Greetings all!

I'm currently in Sri Lanka working alongside Tea Leaf Vision as an English teacher assistant. This is a small grass root organisation committed to assisting young impoverished tea leaf pickers further their chances in life by offering them a year long English diploma and the opportunities that this may bring. Currently, 80% of the students live of less than $1 a day, 83%of the women experience domestic violence and 80% of the men are alcoholics. A rather desperate picture to contemplate as your sipping your tea...

Whilst I have reached my general target for tea leaf trust, I am now focussing my energy on fundraising for individual students who, if given the opportunity, would make inspiring teachers. Unfortunately, they are unable to follow the intern program at Tea Leaf Vision as they have to return home to support their families. I am talking about students who, despite their harsh backgrounds, are so overwhelmingly driven and positive about life. True assets to the world...
It would cost just £300 (roughly $500) to support one of these students through the intern program (an amount which accounts for the lack of income their family would experience as a result). It would be truly amazing if we could alter the fate of just one of these students...

I am reaching out for your support so that we can together, step by step, shift the future of the tea estate industry
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  • Tim Pare Tim Pare
    Dear Aisling,

    On behalf of the Tea Leaf Trust I would like to say a huge thank you to you and all your lovely supporters. This fundraiser was tough and you got leech bites and a good soaking, but you did it and the money raised will help us give English lessons to around 250 children for one month through our Community English Programme.

    We miss you,

    Tim, Yas and Hadeeqa
  • Lucy Rossen Lucy Rossen donated £15

    you're a star!

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    Well done Aisling !

    AISLING Eyers AISLING Eyers: Thank you so much for your support!
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    AISLING Eyers AISLING Eyers: eally appreciate your donation. Love to everyone at the nursery xx
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    Doing a great job! We’re really proud of you :) xxx

    AISLING Eyers AISLING Eyers: Thank you nana and popa. Love and hugs to you both xx
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    Great stuff Aisling.You're doing a great job for a very worthwhile casue.

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    Best of luck!

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    Love and adore my ash pash 💗💗💗 proud of the person you are

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    Good luck ash 💪🏻😊

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    I think this is an amazing thing to do, and I am so proud of you. You go, girl!! Save the world!!

  • AISLING Eyers AISLING Eyers donated £10