The Brown Family Fundraiser for Amplify Malta

Created By:
Sam Brown
Collecting for:
The 121 Challenge

The Brown Family Fundraiser for Amplify Malta

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Recent activity

  • Sam Brown

    Thanks big Sis ! Love ya. XXX

  • Fiona-Rachel Dalmas

    Go on Sam and the rest of the Brown clan, you can do it!! :) xx

  • Sam Brown

    Gerlinda how kind of you ! Thank you . XXX

  • Sam Brown

    Sol Lam thank you sooo much. XXX

  • Sam Brown

    Oh my goodness ! Susie Brown can't thank you enough ! Sammy Sweatman you are very kind, Annette I really appreciate your kindness and Robyn thank you soooo much !! Thank you guys ! XXXX

  • Hrh Missy Xkejfarella

    Good luck my lovely Browns xo

  • Sam Brown

    Annie and Melissa Thank you so much ! XXXX

  • Sam Brown

    Corrina Bryant Thank you sooooo much !!! Very kind of you !! XXXX

  • Sam Brown

    Nikki Meadows and Deirdra Taylor thank you so much for your donations ! I just tried a shop this morning to see what you get for € 1.21 per day and I can tell you it's going to be really tough ! It's made me appreciate how much food cost's ! I didn't even know how much a carton of milk was ! A real eye opener ! XXX

  • Sam Brown

    Soulla Ripley thank you soooo much for the donation ! I will bore you senseless with my blog ! You are a sweetheart ! XXX

  • Sam Brown

    Wow thank you Karolina and Anonymous person ! Very grateful ! XX

  • Sam Brown

    The Brown family are going to take the 121 Challenge and live off €1.21 per day for 5 days to raise money for the Medical Centre in Cambodia. Please, please help us to keep the centre open and donate whatever you can. It's an important lifeline for the world's most impoverished children. Thank you. Sam XX

  • Alexandra White

    So very proud of the Brown's - especially Honey and Lola! our youngest doing the challange.

  • Sam Brown Sam Brown

    The family Brown -  that's me and my four lovely children are taking the 1.21 challenge to raise money for the Cambodia Medical Centre. That's the 5 of us living on 1.21 each per day for 5 days.  It's going to be tough but it will be worth it if you donate to help the children of Cambodia.  Please help ! 

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 80 €

  • Kath Reeves Kath Reeves donated 20 €

    I knew you could do it..... Well done to all

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 80 €

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 65 €

    To Lola and family. Well done!!!!

  • Amanda Camilleri Amanda Camilleri donated 20 €

    Well done to all of you. So impressed. I am still working out how I would manage.

  • Simon Vella Simon Vella donated 20 €

  • Deborah Mahon Deborah Mahon donated 10 €

  • Jackie Ray Jackie Ray donated 40 €

    So proud, well done

  • Dru  Mayer Dru Mayer donated 20 €

    Go Browns!

  • Ariane Rasterhoff Ariane Rasterhoff donated 40 €