Tea pick for TLV Interns Hardship fund

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Tea pick for TLV Interns Hardship fund

We’ve been teaching here in Sri Lanka for 5 months. We are currently working with the Intern team - last years students who have been recruited onto the Teacher Training Internship here. The programme further enhances students English skills but now the focus is on training them to become future teachers both within TLT schools or elsewhere Sri Lanka.

This is an unpaid internship and this poses a big challenge for their families. The Interns' families have already sacrificed a year of income for their children to study on the Main Diploma. Really they now need their children to provide a further income for the family. Another year of study means continued expenditure (bus fare, food, stationary, clothing) and no income.

The 14 interns selected are a talented, passionate and hardworking group of students. During their interviews and teaching tasks they showed huge potential as teachers and a great passion for the school and the role of an intern. Yet the financial challenges their families face may force them to leave the programme before completion.

This month we plan to teapick to raise funds for these amazing students. The size of your donation, big or small doesn't matter- every £ will help these young people continue their studies.
Please give whatever you can.

For more information about the amazing work here at TLV check out my blog via: https://charityramble.tumblr.com or visit www.tealeaftrust.com

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  • Charles Hayward Charles Hayward donated £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid

    At last, the birthday present you nobly requested. Well done, Keith, for being a star in the firmament.... Love from Julie and Charles

  • Tim Pare Tim Pare
    Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. With our Interns living off less than $1 a day, this hardship fund is essential to enabling them to stay in school and gain the skills needed to change their lives. James, Beth and friends (special shout out to Keith and Happy Birthday!), thank you so much.
  • James Snaith James Snaith donated £15 + £3.75 Gift Aid

    Donating to support James & Beth Houston and TLV interns. Great work, guys.

  • Mike Snook Mike Snook donated £60 + £15 Gift Aid

    Birthday pressie for the big man.

  • Gail Mitchell Gail Mitchell donated £10 + £2.50 Gift Aid

    Hope you reach your goal. Best wishes to you both.

  • Leanne Brown Leanne Brown donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    Lovely to follow everything you've been doing. I'm sure your interns have found you inspirational just like we do. Wishing you both happy travels. xx

  • Barbara Fox Barbara Fox donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    Happy Birthday to Keith! 60 years old! Love from The Foxes x

  • Colm  Davis Colm Davis donated £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid

    Best of luck with your fund raising. Such a worthwhile cause.

  • Angela Worrell Angela Worrell donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    Happy 60th birthday

  • Keith Ledbury Keith Ledbury donated £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid

    This was a cash donation to me for my birthday from my lovely Italian friends Mirco and Elena, which I have put on here for them, so many thanks to them for their generosity.

  • Rebecca Dickson Rebecca Dickson donated £30 + £7.50 Gift Aid

    Well done, great idea!

  • Dan Entwistle Dan Entwistle donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    Well done on such a great cause, I have enjoyed reading about your experiences & all the amazing people you've helped along the way! Looking forward to seeing you both soon!

  • Sheila Burton Sheila Burton donated £20

    Donation made in lieu of a gift to Keith Ledbury on his 60th birthday by Sheila & Pete Burton

  • Sue Jones Sue Jones donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    What a great cause well done. Sue

  • Sallyann Miller Sallyann Miller donated £70 + £17.50 Gift Aid

    We've loved following your journey, looking forward to catching up when you're home. Lots of love, Miller clan xxx

  • Louise  McMillan Louise McMillan donated £10 + £2.50 Gift Aid

    Such a great cause! Mia & Harry have loved following your experience & learning about your amazing work. From the McMillans x

  • Sarah Castleton Sarah Castleton donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    Early birthday present for Keith. Great work you're doing as well of course! Best wishes x

  • Greg  Nixon Greg Nixon donated £25 + £6.25 Gift Aid

    Amazing work James & Beth! Much love, Greg, Liz, Benaiah & Phoebe xxx

  • Lindsey Sauerlander Lindsey Sauerlander donated £20 + £5 Gift Aid

    James, you were an inspirational teacher for Beatrice and what you and Beth are doing is truly wonderful. All the best Lindsey, Spencer and Beatrice Sauerlander

    Beth James Beth James: Lindsey lovely to hear from you. I hope Beatrice is doing well. Thank you so much for the donnation its really kind of you.
    With love Beth and James
  • Jan Rosselli Jan Rosselli donated £10 + £2.50 Gift Aid

    Best wishes on your efforts

    Beth James Beth James: Thank you Jan for your donation, it will make a big differnece to the students,
  • Gemma  Cant Gemma Cant donated £10

    You are wonderful person James. Doing a wonderful thing. x

    Beth James Beth James: Thank you so much Gemma. Hope you are well x
  • Julie  Ledbury Julie Ledbury donated £20

    Here is my donation for my brother Keith's 60th birthday lots of love Julie. xx (sorry I can't gift aid)

    Beth James Beth James: Thank you for your donnation. It will make a big difference to the students liives.
  • Keith Ledbury Keith Ledbury donated £60 + £15 Gift Aid

    I am chipping in the first £60 for anticipated donations for my 60th Birthday on Wednesday 28th March. I hope to see you when you get back to the UK and learn all about your work with The Tea Leaf Trust! Keith

    Beth James Beth James: Thank you again Ketih.
  • Keith Ledbury Keith Ledbury donated £60 + £15 Gift Aid

    I am chipping in the first £60 for anticipated donations for my 60th Birthday on Wednesday 28th March. I hope to see you when you get back to the UK and learn all about your work with The Tea Leaf Trust! Keith

    Beth James Beth James: Keith thank you so much. It really kind of you to support TLV. It is such as worth while cause, thank you for your generosity and support. Love James and Beth x