Merel's tea pick fundraiser for TLV

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Merel's tea pick fundraiser for TLV

Hi all!

We all love a nice, warm cup of tea, don't we? But how much do we really know about the lives of those who pick our tea?

Today I will start volunteering with Tea Leaf Vision (TLV). As a volunteer, I will be teaching English, business classes and social classes in the underdeveloped tea plantations in Sri Lanka. In order to answer the questions above, I will do a sponsored tea pick and I would love your support for this.

Most of us are not aware of the fact that tea picking is backbreaking labour. Tea pickers are expected to pick 18 kilos of tea leaves a day and earn less than $4. The extremely hard work these people have to commit themselves to every day in combination with the really low salaries obviously has a negative influence on the livingstandards, meaning that 80% of the men are alcoholics and 83% of the female tea picker experience regular domestic violence. On top of that, the area is a hotspot for suicide. This all creates a pretty hopeless picture, but then TLV came

The lack of opportunities from young people of the tea estates formed the initial rational for the establishment of TLV. Tea Leaf Vision works in the heart of the tea plantations in Sri Lanka and already established 2 schools, helping young people to gain the skills required to get employment away from the harsh reality of the tea estate industry. The school offers free, full-time diplomas for students between the ages of 18 and 24. In return, and as part of the programme, the students themselves teach Basic English to over 1,800 children a week for free!

Over 80% of graduates find employment or further education/training within a year. On top of this, these students become ethical leaders in their communities, leading real change.

It would be great if you could contribute so that TLV can keep up the great work and hopefully open more schools, giving the students a brighter future! Please give what you can, even the cost of a cup of tea will help.
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