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Volunteer Tea Pick

As a part of my volunteering experience in the rolling hills of Sri Lanka's beautiful up-country, I have spent a morning on Kelaniya Estate picking tea. We plucked alongside women who have been doing this for their entire working lives, by scorching sunshine or pouring rain, for under £3 a day. It is backbreaking labour and the average tea picker is expected to pluck 18 to 22 kg of leaves, an amazing feat seeing as I only managed a meagre 2kg. I am looking to do a second tea pick later on in my stay, and would greatly appreciate your support.

As a follow up to the Main English Diploma, the students wishing to become teachers are encouraged to apply for the Advanced English Diploma, a one year course that aims at deepening their knowledge of English. Every pound of this fundraise will go to supporting some students' dream to become teachers by giving them the opportunity to become interns, here at Tea Leaf Vision.

I have now reached my £300 target to support a young woman to continue her studies at Tea Leaf Vision next year and am so grateful to everyone who helped me get there. Such are the social issues in the tea estates that there are a further six applicants who greatly need and indeed deserve help. Amongst them is a girl I have grown very close to and greatly care about so let me tell you her story:

She was born with a disability and had difficulty walking for some years of her life. Keep in mind that to get anywhere from the tea estates, the distances to cover on foot are long, and the buses that do run often lack seating space. Moreover the attitude towards disability in Sri Lanka is extremely negative and isolating. Her father had a heart attack this year and, with her mother providing the sole income by working as a tea picker, is struggling to get the medication he desperately needs. Not only is she a girl I have become very close with and care about, but she too would make an exceptional teacher.
To make up for the lack of income her family would suffer if she goes on the internship programme, she needs 5,000 rupees a month, 60,000 for the year or the equivalent of another £300.

I am quite aware that some of you may already have contributed a significant amount to Tea Leaf Trust, and understand if you do not wish to support this tea pick.

Finally, I personally am so inspired by this project and the help I am getting that if we are able to hit the above target, I intend to put £250 towards supporting teacher development for the Tea Leaf Vision staff that is making these dreams come true.

Thank you,
Sascha xx
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    Well done Sascha; I hope your hands have recovered from the pick.

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    t'es trop fort bilou!! xx

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    Liebe Sascha super Initiative - geniess die Zeit in Sri Lanka! Herzlich, Kati

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    Good work, Sascha!

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    Good on you Sascha, an excellent cause xxx

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    Bravo Sascha, you are amazing and you meet amazing people!

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    Good luck with the tea picking With love from all of the Norval-Freedman family xx

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    Dearest Sascha, Have a fun time picking tea! Lots of love, Mama and Papa

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    Hello Sascha, What you write inspires me. Good luck with your fundraising. Love Grandma x

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    Liebe Sascha Wir finden Dein fundraising-Projekt sehr schön und unterstützen die Familie und die ausgewählte Studentin sehr gerne. Liebe Grüsse Grossmama und Grosspapa