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Joanne Michaelsen
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Stavanger Marathon 2015
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Aktiv mot kreft - Stavanger Marathon
This past December, my sister Pam passed away. She fought her cancer every step of the way with pride, determination, stamina and a huge smile. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and I miss her terribly - especially at this time of year when the summer in Norway is at its best and flowers are in full bloom, her spirit and energy are everywhere.

So I will do a Half Marathon in Stavanger, Norway on August 29, 2015 in support of Aktiv mot Kreft (Active against Cancer). Her energy, her smile and love of life will carry me each step of the way. She was one in a million. I hope you will support me in the fight against cancer in any way you can.

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  • Signy Nærland Northam

    Let me know what you want? I will be in Sandnes till 7th of September. Will try and see you run! But I would like to donate.

  • Joanne Gile Michaelsen

    I am so humbled by the support in the fight against cancer...I still hope to reach my goal by Half Marathon day. Thank you for your support...your donations, hopeful cheers on the sidelines and the anonymous givers are awesome!!! Cancer research needs us all!

  • Elin Lorentzen-Styr Elin Lorentzen-Styr donated 500 kr

    Fra Tor og Elin

  • Lars Rønningen Lars Rønningen donated 300 kr

  • Tina Høgevold Tina Høgevold donated 500 kr

    Lykke til med løpet! Klem fra hele gjengen i Setesdal.

  • Bjørg Nærland Bjørg Nærland donated 300 kr

  • Svein Kjetil Larsen Svein Kjetil Larsen donated 200 kr

    Lykke til på løpet. Ta kontakt hvis du trenger mer info om løpet/løypen

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 300 kr

  • Bjørg Hult Bjørg Hult donated 300 kr

    Fra Kine, Mari og Bjørg

  • Ingunn Haarr Ingunn Haarr donated 500 kr

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 200 kr

  • Terje Nygaard Terje Nygaard donated 500 kr

    For my loved one and the good cause.

  • Joanne Michaelsen Joanne Michaelsen donated 1,500 kr

    In memory of my loving wife, Pam. Peter

  • Marit Taarland Gamble Marit Taarland Gamble donated 200 kr

  • Ingunn Aarsheim Ingunn Aarsheim donated 500 kr

    Lykke til med innsamling og løp

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 500 kr

    Joanne - thanks for doing this - good luck!

  • Anonymous User Anonymous User donated 500 kr

    Go Joanne! Pammy'd be so proud of you!

  • Signy Northam Signy Northam donated 300 kr

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