Baltic Rally for Parkinson's Disease

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Ken Bardsen
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The Parky Challenge

Baltic Rally for Parkinson's Disease

My name is Ken, I'm on a sabbatical from my IT corporate life and I am going to drive a 24 year-old Volvo some 8500km in 18 days from Amsterdam around the Baltic sea and back, and hope to inspire you to support the European Parkinson's Disease Association (EPDA).

15 Years ago my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease which is a neurodegenerative condition – an illness that affects nerve cells in the brain that control movement. Parkinson’s is progressive, which means symptoms appear gradually and slowly get worse. There is no cure as yet. The work done by the EPDA is essential to helping him and others live with this debilitating disease as well as possible.

My best friend, John Thompson, is coming from Australia to join me on this Baltic Sea Circle Rally adventure. The journey will include visits to my father in central Sweden, the farm he grew up on in northern Norway, and the place he was born on the Norwegian/Russian border. The trip will also include visits to Lofoten, North Cape, Murmansk, St Petersburg and Riga. The rally constraints are "No GPS and no highways". It's going to be challenging and fun!

Everything you donate here goes directly to the EPDA. We are self-funding our entire rally.

Please contribute generously to this great cause, and follow our progress on our blog.

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Ken Bardsen donated 15 €

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  • Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen
    Thank you all for your kind support for this cause. I am overwhelmed by your generousity, it means so much to me! The trip is done, we made it there and back successfully.
  • Sumo Live Sumo Live donated 50 €

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks guys!! I have been to the Northernmost Whisky distillery in the world.
  • René Driehuis René Driehuis donated 20 €

    Mooi doel voor een mooie rit.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks René!! I really appreciate all your support and friendship!
  • R.E. Koier R.E. Koier donated 20 €

    Good luck on your journey back. See you when you get home.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks so much Reint!! See you soon!
  • Jamie van der Knaap Jamie van der Knaap donated 20 €

    Hey Ken, Thank you so much for opening up your home to us, we've been following your trip through Jackie. All the best with the rest of your trip, it looks epic! Regards Jamie and Savannah

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks Jamie! Very kind of you! I'm sorry to have missed you in NL. I understand you both have ambitious travels planned too. Cheers!
  • David and Toni MacLaughlin David and Toni MacLaughlin donated 160 €

    Great cause and looks like a terrific trip. Well done to both of you

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks guys! Very generous of you! I really appreciate your support!

  • Stromboli Stromboli donated 80 €

    It seems Parkinson is introduced in my family and it's terrifying to see how it affect someones life. We wish you, John and Boris a great adventur without need to visit to many "Parkings...". Say hello to you father.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks very much Adri & Iris!!! Parkinsons is a cruel disease. Thanks for the generosity and the good wishes!
  • Nigel Richardson Nigel Richardson donated 80 €

    Good luck Ken. Hope that old Volvo makes it :-)

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks very much Nigel! I hope so too, but in the immortal words of Debra Crew in response to an overly enthusiastic Strat Plan presenter: "Hope is not a strategy!" I'm taking a full toolbox :-D. Really appreciate your generosity!!
  • Paul Wiltjer Paul Wiltjer donated 30 €

    Have fun on the trip! We wish you a save journey.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks Paul, I really appreciate it!
  • Simone Thompson Simone Thompson donated 70 €

    Great cause! Best wishes to your dad and have a fantastic trip. The Aussie Thompsons

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks so much Simone! It really means a lot to me. Please pass my thanks on to everyone who contributed to this. And thanks for the loan of your dad for 3 weeks. I guarantee he'll come home with stories to tell.
  • Gerhard & Renée  Du Preez Gerhard & Renée Du Preez donated 80 €

    A goal should scare you a little and excite you a LOT. Joe Vitalr

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Renée and Gerry, that's very generous! Thank you kindly! I'm really excited, but I don't really know what to expect. Except fun and adventure. :-)
  • Bart & Anouk van Marsbergen Bart & Anouk van Marsbergen donated 40 €

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks Bart and Anouk! Very generous of you! I hope to be running with Bart soon.
  • Rachel Teanby Rachel Teanby donated 35 €

    Enjoy the trip for a great charity. I’ll look forward to a few pictures.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks Rachel! You can count on pics being posted on the blog and fb! Regards to Paul!
  • Marnix from Amersfoort Marnix from Amersfoort donated 15 €

    Good cause.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks Marnix! Your old roofbox is already settled in on the Volvo.
  • Emma Bannan Emma Bannan donated 35 €

    John, a well deserved getaway after all the amazing things you have been doing at the tennis club. Thank you so much for all of your support and best of luck on this rally - I hope you got a medical :) Keep him safe Ken, we need him back home!

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks for your generosity and kind words Emma. I'm sure John will be back with stories to tell!
  • Jason Harris Jason Harris donated 35 €

    Have a great trip John - great to see you joining your friend for such a wonderful cause

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks for your support Jason!! And for your generous donation!
  • Carlo Cicchelli Carlo Cicchelli donated 40 €

    Good Luck and have fun John!! Collect stories and take photos to share back home

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks Carlo! You're an ace!!
  • Harold en Petra Taal Harold en Petra Taal donated 50 €

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks for your generous donation!! Enjoy your trip to the US!
  • Harri Makela Harri Makela donated 50 €

    All The Best. Great course and journey. Harri Makela

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Not only an amazing tennis player, but someone who makes the world a better place! Thanks for your generosity Harri!
  • Gracetech Textiles Gracetech Textiles donated 70 €

    Blessings to your Dad

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thanks so much Steve and John! For both the contribution and your support!!
  • Tone Bårdsen Tone Bårdsen donated 50 €

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you!
  • Dylan Weston Dylan Weston donated 80 €

    A worthy cause

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thank you Dylan! Next rally with Pat?
  • Belinda Franklin Belinda Franklin donated 40 €

    I suffer from Multiple System Atrophy which is a subset, more aggressively progressing form of Parkinson's. Neither has a cure and robs the patient of the basic functions of daily living. Blessings to your father and safe travels to you and navigator.

    Ken Bardsen Ken Bardsen: Thank you very much Belinda, I really appreciate this, especially from you!!