TastePoverty Challenge Int.

What is TastePoverty Challenge?
Taste Poverty is a five day long challenge, where you should live below the extreme poverty line, and at the same time create an online fundraiser and raise money for Amplify.
You have to survive on the same amount as people living below the extreme poverty line, which has been estimated to 1 EURO per day.The amount has been derived from the World Bank’s estimate of extreme poverty and represents the average amount that people living in extreme poverty have available for their everyday consumption needs.

Why should you join?
1 billion people are still living in extreme poverty (World Bank, 2015). You can join the challenge and make a difference!

What do you get out of it?
By living below the extreme poverty line for 5 days, you will get a taste of under which conditions poor people live. You will be forced to research food prices before you take a decision to buy something, and you will have to carefully calculate every product you wish to include in your diet and think of various ways of combining the products. The five days will not only raise your awareness of how hard it can be to make do with these limited resources, but also make you appreciate what you have.

How does that make a difference?
The money you fundraise through your network (family, friends and colleagues) will go directly to Amplify and in this way you support their work and join the battle against poverty.

Who can join?
Anybody who wants a good challenge and at the same time work towards a better world.

How can you sign up?
Just start your fundraiser and we now you are in!

Basic rules
Let’s be honest. This is a light version of extreme poverty as we still have a safe and warm place to sleep, a hot shower and clothes to wear. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy. Following rules should be followed:

The amount per day should include all consumption except tap water. However, we will not go to the extreme and include items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc.
You are not allowed to receive gifts as this would be too easy
You can use own grown products as long as you calculate the price of growing it (seeds, soils, water etc.)
You can choose to add all the 5 days and buy for the whole amount at the same time. In act, we advise you to do this.
You are not allowed to use a small portion of something you have at home, and calculate only part of its cost.
If you have a roommate, partner or family who want to join, you can join forces and buy food together. This is a smart way to achieve a little more variation of foods and value for the money.

Good luck! :-)

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