Running for the Saharawi people

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Paul Harvey
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XVI Sahara Marathon 2016

Running for the Saharawi people

On February 23rd I will complete running a Marathon on all seven continents by participating in the 2016 Sahara Marathon. My previous six Marathons were driven by personal motives but this seventh and final Marathon is particularly special as it's aimed at promoting and developing humanitarian programs for the Saharawi people.

Close to Tindouf, within the Algerian territory, at a very short distance from Western Sahara and Mauritania, there is a border zone which has been home to 200,000 sharawi refugees for more than 35 years. You can read more about their situation here, however this race is to prevent the Saharawi people from being forgotten.
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  • Ellen Kratzer Ellen Kratzer donado 80 €

    Paul, It is so cool that you are doing this. I wanted to run Marathons on all 7 continents myself, but had to abandon that goal. I used to chair the board of USA for UNHCR. This is a fantastic cause! Good luck!!! Ellen Kratzer, Fiduciary Trust, NYC

  • Esther Tan Esther Tan donado 80 €

    Truly inspirational and admire your determination in doing the marathons.. hope this contribution will help towards to the life of Saharawi people

  • Joe-ann Tan Joe-ann Tan donado 40 €

    All the best Paul! You have been truly inspiring!

  • Rachel Lee Rachel Lee donado 160 €

    Paul, your determination and love for mankind have been inspirational to many. Wish you all the best!

  • Peck Ling Chong Peck Ling Chong donado 40 €

    Good Luck & all the best, Paul!

  • Alistair MacDonald Alistair MacDonald donado 80 €

    The desert sounds like an easy warm down after the Chile / Antarctica double... All the best!

  • Loan Jella Loan Jella donado 90 €

    Donation to the Saharawi people. Congratulations on your amazing Marathon finishes

  • Stuart Breckenridge Stuart Breckenridge donado 80 €

  • Priscilla  Chen Priscilla Chen donado 50 €

    So proud of you! Cheering you on from Singapore. All the best!

  • HuiPing Wong HuiPing Wong donado 40 €

    Great effort Paul! Good luck with the training and the race.

  • Kelly Chan Kelly Chan donado 40 €

    Good luck in your Saharawi Run! So proud to be your team members!

  • Lynn Batara Lynn Batara donado 80 €

    You're an inspiration Paul! Thank you for raising our awareness and doing such a great thing for others. You are making a difference!

  • Craig Elliott Craig Elliott donado 160 €

    Well done Paul - truly inspiring!

  • Lynne Harvey Lynne Harvey donado 160 €

    Good luck Paul for the final push. With love and huge admiration!! Mum

  • Usuario anónimo Usuario anónimo donado 100 €

    Because Lotie Bear thought it would be a good thing to do and Govie bear passed a resolution in the latest congressional meeting. All the bears in support.

  • Giles Watkins Giles Watkins donado 160 €

    Read the update on FB - truly inspiring stuff Paul!

  • Romina Tan Romina Tan donado 40 €

    Best of luck, Paul! :) We know you can do it!

  • Rie Rumito Rie Rumito donado 80 €

    Good luck Paul. I feel they may have more to teach us than us to them:) Looking forward to hearing bits of wisdom you pick up from them!

  • Zizi Azali Zizi Azali donado 40 €

    All the best Paul! :)

  • Usuario anónimo Usuario anónimo donado 80 €

    Bon voyage!

  • Jim Sykes Jim Sykes donado 40 €

    Best of luck Paul, very inspiring

  • Joanne Mallon Joanne Mallon donado 40 €

    Congrats Paul ....

  • Mai  Tran Mai Tran donado 80 €

    Have fun on your run. We are so proud of you.

  • Viv Little Viv Little donado 15 €

    Good luck Paul! What an amazing way to finish off an incredible challenge.