Team 'Hot Rocks' raising money for the Saharawi

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Rob Owen and Joshua Combs Owen and Joshua Combs
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Sahara Marathon
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Corredores Solidarios - Sahara Marathon

Team 'Hot Rocks' raising money for the Saharawi

On the 24th of February, Joshua and Rob will be running in the 15th Sahara Marathon - 26.2 miles through the Algerian desert.

For both of us this will be our first marathon, and represents a significant personal challenge. It will be the culmination of months of hard training... in the simmering English winter. Our goal is simple - run and keep running. We have in mind sub-4 hour times, but with tough and variable running conditions (rough terrain, sand dunes), completing the marathon will be an achievement in its own right.

The purpose of the Sahara Marathon is to raise awareness of the challenges facing the Saharawi people. Forced out of their homeland in 1975, this year's race marks 40 years of their living in exile in refugee camps in south-west Algeria. Money raised here goes towards helping the Saharawi people through a number of development projects in the refugee camps.

We are grateful for any support you can offer, however great or small - it's going to a good cause. Please forward this page on to anyone you think may be interested. If you would like to learn more about the race, the Saharawi political situation or the projects we are supporting, please follow the links below.

Thank you,

Rob & Joshua

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  • Rob Owen and Joshua Combs Owen and Joshua Combs Rob Owen and Joshua Combs Owen and Joshua Combs

    5 days to go and we've reached our €2000 euro target, but that's no reason to stop. Tell your friends about us and let's make one final fundraising push!


    Rob and Joshua.

  • Rob Owen and Joshua Combs Owen and Joshua Combs Rob Owen and Joshua Combs Owen and Joshua Combs

    A huge thank you to all our fundraisers so far. In one week we have raised over €1000 - our initial fundraising target. In response to this overwhelming generosity we have decided to double that target to €2000. Please keep spreading the word and thank you all again!

    33 days to go.

    Rob & Joshua

  • Anonym Anonym Donerede 20 €

    Congratulations Rob and Josh on your performance and on your choice of charity!

  • Chris Johnson Chris Johnson Donerede 10 €

    Bit late but good work

  • Farroakh  Parekh Farroakh Parekh Donerede 25 €

    Marathon in the Sahara!!?? amazing

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    Best of Luck Guys

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    Good Luck!!!!

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    Dept of Earth Sciences

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    good luck!

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    Good luck Rob!!!!!

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    Good luck Josh and Rob!

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    Mind the scorpions

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    Good luck! You're mental :P

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    sounds like the initiation ceremony for the French Foreign Legion!

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    Good Luck!!!!

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    All the best, gents!

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    Good lucK