I am CEO of nonprofit organization in north iraq , our government dont support the NGOs there is no LGBT rights in north iraq In Iraq, Openly gay men are not permitted to serve in the military and same sex marriage or civil unions are illegal LGBT persons do not have any legal protections against discrimination and are frequently victims of vigilante justice and honor killings
Many of LBGT trying to escape from country to save them life because it called honor killings the culture and Religions donʼt accept that
How we can help my organization with some

youth decision to open project for LGBT with countries which are supposed LGBT

Many of LBGT in iraq have psychology illness of scream the culture and Religions they cant Treatment them self because of this they killed them selfs

Our organization project for LGBT is rent house with psychologist and buying drugs

To back smile again next step for knowing transgender who needs transgender operation our LGBT survey for year 2018

62 LGBT needs transgender operation
207 needs psychologist

101 are escaping needs Passport to leave country to save them life
43 are homeless

etc.. problems
Our massages to all over the world to support us we are also humans needs normal life
If you donate by 1$ is to much for us we are really needs help


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