Carol is raising funds for student chairs

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Carol Workun
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Volunteer Tea Pick

Carol is raising funds for student chairs

I fell in love with Sri Lanka and its people in summer of 2014 when I made my first visit with my daughter and come home with the goal to find an organization in Sri Lanka where my love for the country and my non-profit experience could come together with good purpose. It was by good fortune that I found Tea Leaf Vision. I made my first visit to the school in January 2016, returned in February 2017 and I am back at the school now (March 2018). I am consistently in awe of the work of the school and I am proud to be the school's Volunteer Coordinator.

When I arrived at the school this year I was impressed to see that enrolment numbers are up. We are reaching more and more young adults from the tea estates.

Many of these students travel several hours each day to come to school and the same again to get home. I was humbled just yesterday when helping one of the managers at the school with a report - some of our students are living on just 20 cents per day (think about that for a minute - I did!). And yet their families make the sacrifice of sending their young adult to the school for a year, with the promise of a better future, rather than have them take a job on the tea estates and contribute to the family income.

The students (and the amazing teachers) greet each day with a smile and a zest for learning that I have not seen anywhere else.

This year I was struck by the increase in numbers but also something else - not every student has an appropriate place to sit and work. Given the effort and sacrifice they make I think we should provide them with a decent place to sit and study.

Space is tight so we try and buy chairs that combine both a seat and a place to write. These chairs are Rs 7,000 each (£32, Canadian $58). We need 44 more chairs. My goal is to be able to order these chairs in time for delivery for the start of term two (May 7).

Please help me provide these enthusiastic and hard working students with an appropriate place to sit and work. For each donation of £32 we can buy another student a chair.

The charity is a UK based charity hence the amount donated is in UK Pounds but do not be discouraged donations can be made from world over!

Thank you for your support, every cent of your donations will go towards chairs.

UPDATE: Please see the photo below for a selection of the 50 plus chairs purchased and delivered to the school
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  • Carol Workun Carol Workun
    Chairs have all been delivered and are in use at the school. Thank you everyone for your very generous donations. I have edited the fundraising page to include a photo of the chairs.

  • Bruce  Moszcelt Bruce Moszcelt gav £70

    We hope you can use the donation to purchase two chairs for the school....fom Izzy and Grace Moszcelt

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you very much and yes of course we can purchase two more chairs.

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you very much for your generous donation
  • Carol Workun Carol Workun
    We did it! Thank you everyone for donating - we reached our target! Really appreciate this and so do he teachers and students. I am not closing the campaign, additional donations will purchase additional chairs which we definitely have a use for.

    Again thank you.
  • Dianne  Lepa Dianne Lepa gav £120

    Great work being done at the school. Good luck with your fundraiser

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Dianne, thank you so much xx
  • Kathy  Wong Kathy Wong gav £60

    No brainer. We are happy to help. Keep up the great work! Kathy and Roger

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you so much - the teachers are so excited. I am sat with them right now!

  • Carol Workun Carol Workun
    Thank you everyone for your contributions, we need just £151 now to reach our target. If we can do that this weekend we will be able to order chairs next week before I leave. I feel confident and the staff feel very supported - thank you!
  • Linda Jones Linda Jones gav £30

    Happy to support this great initiative, Carol.

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Linda - much appreciated
  • Susanne Loerius Susanne Loerius gav £30

    In hope that those children will become proud citizen of their country and creating a brighter future for themselves and others

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you very much for your generous donation - much appreciated.
  • Suzanne Gagnon Suzanne Gagnon gav £60

    Glad to help! Amazing project! You can see the pride in those smiles. Enjoy!

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Suzanne - much appreciated, I know you have a keen interest in this project and lovely country
  • Anonym Anonym gav £30

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you "Anonymous" whoever you are? You generosity is much appreciated
  • Carol Workun Carol Workun
    Just £301 to go to reach the target and make sure all of these wonderful students have chairs.
  • Sharlie  Lemire-Waite Sharlie Lemire-Waite gav £45

    On behalf of Natasha and Sharlie Lemire-Waite, the daughters of Greg Waite! Happy to take part in such a wonderful cause

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you so much for this, very much appreciated.
  • Christie Halpenny Christie Halpenny gav £32

    We love your photos and stories from Sri Lanka. Keep up the amazing work with all those dedicated young people.

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you so much!
  • Al and Carrie Carpenter Al and Carrie Carpenter gav £60

    Such a great cause Carol. Thanks for making a difference!

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Al and Carrie, we are getting closer to our target thanks to everyones wonderful support xx
  • Anonym Anonym gav £20

    What a great project! Good luck and keep up the amazing work!

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Katherine and Jeremy - much appreciated!
  • Kirsten  Draayer Kirsten Draayer gav £60

    You are amazing!!! We are so happy to help in any way we can. Kirsten and Chico

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Kirsten and Chico - much appreciated.
  • Tim Pare Tim Pare gav £32

    You are amazing Carol, from the three of us xx

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Tim, Yas and Hadeeqa, much appreciated!

  • Jenny O'Brien Jenny O'Brien gav £30

    Thanks for letting us know about this Carol, and best of luck!

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you so much Jenny!
  • Carol Workun Carol Workun
    Have reached just over 60% of our target which equates to 30 new chairs for the school. Thank you all so very much, I cannot wait to share the good news with the school on Monday morning!
  • Lisa and Stu McCormick Lisa and Stu McCormick gav £60

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Lisa and Stu - very much appreciated xx
  • Janet and Graeme Stephens Janet and Graeme Stephens gav £60

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Thank you Janet and Graeme - really appreciate your support xx
  • Thomas Wilson Thomas Wilson gav £500

    It's a shame to not be able to educate due to lack of chairs. Hope this helps

    Carol Workun Carol Workun: Tom, words fail me... your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I know the students and teachers are going to feel the love tomorrow when I tell them - thank you!
  • Carol Workun Carol Workun
    So happy to have reached 20% of the fundraising target. Thank you to everyone for your generosity, the students and teachers are excited!