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Volunteer Tea Pick

As part of our amazing volunteer programme, we offer volunteers the chance to live the life of a tea picker for half a day.Volunteers visit a local, private and ethical tea estate where they are allocated a tea picking lady as their mentor. They work alongside the tea pickers, developing their skills and understanding just how tough life is on the tea estates.After lining up with the workers to weigh their tea, volunteers are told how much they would have earned – this is, of course, shockingly little. The amount earned is added to their mentor’s pay packet, a lovely bonus.If possible, our friend and the owner of the Kelaniya Tea Estate, Mr Balendran, will then organise a tour around the working tea factory (and maybe even a cup of tea!)Volunteers gain an incredible insight into life on the tea estate and fundraise to support the work of Tea Leaf Vision centre – a massive win/win.This fundraising initiative allows us to cover all costs associated with planning and managing our volunteer programme, whilst enabling volunteers to help and support us without paying through the nose for the opportunity.

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Tea Leaf Trust's general work

We work hard every day to deliver high quality, accessible educational programmes, both full-time and part time, to young people and children from the tea estates surrounding the Maskeliya area of Central Province, Sri Lanka.

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Supporting Sinduja to get life-saving treatment

Hello, Covid has made a massive difference to every part of our lives, but the repercussions on health conditions, particularly in countries with poor infrastructure are huge and leading to additional, non-pandemic related deaths. The 20 year old young woman below, should not be one of them. That's why I am sharing an email request I received from our Tea Leaf Trust Director in Sri Lanka about one of our students this year. The initial request is for $1,100, but this doesn't include chemotherapy, expensive medicines or comfortable, accommodation for her family support and basic transport for the 6 hour journeys this young lady is going to have to go through during her treatment and recovery. I have set the funding target at $2,500 due to all of these factors and we are grateful for any help. Medical reports are available.Thank youTim - Message below is from Yadharshini Selvaraj, our Sri Lankan Director"I am writing this to humbly request your support for a student from our Maskeliya centre. Sinduja from the 2020 batch has been diagnosed with breast tumours. She has already been through operations on two tumours in her breast in the local government hospital (Dickoya Base Hospital) in 2018. Recently she got pain again and she consulted a doctor and she's again been diagnosed with four more tumours in her breast. She was getting treatment from Dickoya Base Hospital and they said the next available date for the surgery is sometime in 2021 although she is suffering from pain at the moment. Her parents fear that it is too long for them to wait so they have taken her to a private hospital in the capital city, Colombo, which is 6 hours away. However, they need about 200,000/- ($1,100 USD) for the initial operation but they only have about 50,000/- ($270 USD) now.Since they are poor - they live in the tea estates where wages are less than $5 a day - they are not able to get a bank loan and they have no property or other assets to sell. Her mother came to us and requested if we can help her in any way so they can finish her surgery quickly."

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This free, full time one-year Diploma is offered to 20 graduates of the Main Diploma that have shown an aptitude and passion for teaching during the Community English Programme, and dedication during their first year of study. Its focus is on the further development of spoken and written English, teacher training and key soft skills essential to the working world. These include management, communication and leadership skills. The subjects taught are; Advanced Grammar, Advanced Reading and Speech, Critical Thinking, Advanced I.T., and Teacher Training.The programme was developed as a response to the lack of suitably qualified teachers in crucial subjects, such as English. It is designed to ensure a practical learning experience for ‘Interns’ to teach in the English medium and engage with students in a positive and supportive way. Interns must complete a teaching placement with the Centre and also support staff with the management of all key events and programmes, playing a vital role in the Centre’s day-to-day operation. The Advanced Diploma ensures sustainability for the Centre as it enables TLV to employ promising and committed teachers who understand our ethos.

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