Amplify is a Malta-based NGO working both in Malta & around the world. It promotes sustainability and empowerment through development.

For us, respect and partnerships are the cornerstones of any development work. Long-term volunteering really opened our eyes to the fact that us 'westeners' do not have all the answers to the ills of the world which fuels our focus on working with locally-based partners on projects that they themselves identify.

Following a need identified by a Cambodian partner organisation, supporters of Amplify raised funds for a medical clinic to be built in Southern Cambodia. This is run by Amplify’s Cambodian partner organisation and provides support to people with intellectual and physical disabilities as well as people affected by poverty in the region. Members of Amplify also went to Namibia as the first ever Maltese VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) volunteers. Whilst there, they were supported in a number of projects by other Amplify members/supporters. These projects included fund raising to purchase custom-made wheelchairs for people living in remote areas of the country and establishing a website for an association that works to achieve access to justice for people around Namibia.

3,625 €