Europe is facing a serious refugee crisis about which the public has too little accurate - and many times contradictory - information. For instance, the data on number of refugees, their treatment or the figures of children who have gone missing, is not truly reliable as it differs widely depending on the source of the information. At the same time, knowing how and by whom decisions are being taken in response to this crisis is proving an inexplicably impossible mission, thus impeding future accountability.

If we cannot have access to information relevant to the refugee crisis, how can we guarantee the respect of the human rights of those who come to Europe fleeing from war and persecution?
How can we have a fully informed public debate about the best political response to this humanitarian crisis?
How can we fight the hate-speech and discrimination discourse that is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of Europe?

Access Info Europe is a human rights organisation based in Madrid, Spain, dedicated to promoting and protecting the right of access to information in Europe as a tool for defending civil liberties and human rights, for facilitating public participation in decision making, and for holding governments accountable.

They are currently leading an access to information campaign investigating the controversial agreement on refugees signed by EU leaders and the Turkish government on March 2016, digging into its legality, and trying to bring transparency to the decisions taken by European institutions and Member States while dealing with this crisis.

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